Error 9006 : What a Waste of Time and Data? [Fix]

Recently an update for iOS devices (i.e. 9.2.1 for iPhone and iPad) was released and I clicked on the “Update” button on iTunes. The operating system was downloading smoothly and when only 1 GB was left to be downloaded (usually an update is around 2.22 GB), I got an error message similar to the one given below:

Figure 1 : Error 9006 in iTunes [1]

No big deal, right? My internet connection was working perfectly but I restarted my router and performed the updating process again. Again the error message popped up when the remaining volume of the update was 1 GB. What a waste of time and data?

Without being disheartened, I did some research on the web and found out this issue could be a result of third party security software installed in your computer (Mac or PC). For example, I have AVG AntiVirus installed in my Mac.

Figure 2 : Some popular antivirus software [2]
The first step was to turn “Realtime Protection” off.

Figure 3 : Realtime Protection in AVG AntiVirus for Mac [3]
Check if the issue has been resolved. However, this was not helpful, so AVG was uninstalled.

Finally, the update was successful. I know that uninstalling and reinstalling your antivirus software could be a bit inefficient but it seems to be the only way to get the problem solved.

If the issue still persists, try connecting the USB data cable, which was provided with the iOS device, to a different USB port of the computer and download the software update via iTunes. I know this sounds absurd but it would surely fix it.

Alternatively, try to update the iOS OTA (Over-the-Air) by following the procedure given below:

  1. In your iOS device, tap on “Settings”.
  2. Next, tap on “General” and then on “Software Update”.
Figure 4 : Updating iOS via OTA [4]

Hope this helps.



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A Week with Windows 10 on a MacBook Pro

Since 29th of July, I had been checking for the Windows update to download Windows 10 to my laptop and a week ago, I was finally able to receive it. The update process took about 45 minutes and it was worth the wait. I would like to share my experience of the latest operating system by Microsoft.

Figure 1 : Windows 10 on a MacBook Pro
Figure 1 : Windows 10 on a MacBook Pro

Looks good, right? I love the all new dark theme as it matches well with my wallpaper. The Start menu is back. Yay !! Alright, let me walk you through the update process. if you have been using Windows 8.1 via BootCamp in your Mac and have registered your free upgrade, just search for new updates on Windows Update. You don’t have to fear of losing data on either partition as I did not lose any of mine but it would be better to back up at least the important files before you start the upgrade process. Once the update is ready, start the download and the update process will start automatically. Remember that your laptop will restart for a few times, so every time it restarts, remember to press the alt (Option) key on the keyboard and select “Windows”. Once Windows 10 has been installed in your Mac and if you have the latest drivers for BootCamp , simply reinstall them because I think they get erased during the update process. If not, download the latest drivers from BootCamp utility in Mac OS X. As you can see in Figure 1 given above, most of your applications that ran on Windows 8.1 will be compatible with Windows 10 (for example, Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3 in my case). You might realise that a lot of disk space has been used up by the system when the new OS has been installed, so perform a disk clean-up according to the procedure given below :

  1. Click on Start icon on the taskbar and type “Disk” and Disk Clean-up should appear. Click on that.
  2. After the process of scanning files, click the “Clean up system files” button to switch the Disk Cleanup tool to extended mode.
  3. Find and check the “Previous Windows installation(s)” item. If you need more space, check on items which state “Temporary…”
  4. Click OK.

Since I only use Windows for games, I’m not going to explain about the personal assistant “Cortana”, so apologies in advance. Now let’s look at the new web browser in this operating system.

Figure 2 : Microsoft Edge
Figure 2 : Microsoft Edge

The new browser is called “Microsoft Edge” and is shown in Figure 2. It is quite fast and does not crash as its predecessor, Internet Explorer. However, the disadvantage is that add-ons and extensions such as Adblock Plus are still not compatible with Edge. However, Internet Explorer can still be used if this is an issue by simply clicking on the three dots at the top right corner and then selecting “Open with Internet Explorer”. Alternatively follow the procedure given below:

  1. Click on Start icon on the taskbar and select “All Apps”.
  2. Select “Windows Accessories”.
  3. Select “Internet Explorer”.
Internet Explorer on Start Menu
Figure 3 : How to load Internet Explorer from Start Menu

You can also click on Start icon and then type “Internet Explorer” and click on it.

I hope this post was helpful and enjoy Windows 10 on your computer (Mac or PC).