Beats Studio 2.0 : Ideal Pair of Headphones for the Sporty

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to check out the new Beats Studio, known as Beats Studio 2.0, at the Apple Store and would like to share my experience with my fellow readers.

Figure 1 : Beats Studio headphones and accessories
Figure 1 : Beats Studio headphones and accessories [1]
Beats Studio features active noise cancellation which can be activated by pressing on the small button found on the right ear-cup (However, I was not able to experience this at the store maybe because the battery charge was low). This battery lasts for about 20 hours and can be recharged using the USB cable shown in Figure 1. There is a battery level indicator consisting of five LED’s under the noise cancellation activation button as shown in Figure 2. Active noise cancelling feature can be very handy when taking public transport.

Figure 2 ; Beats Studio Wireless with the battery level indicator [2]
Figure 2 : Beats Studio Wireless with the battery level indicator [2]


As shown in the figure above, the headphones have a plastic exterior. However, there is a variation with the metallic exterior (titanium) as well for the premium look as shown in the figure given below.

Figure 2 : Beats Studio 2.0 with metallic exterior [2]
Figure 3 : Beats Studio 2.0 with metallic exterior [3]
These headphones are circumaural (over ear).  The ear-cups can be folded, making the headset more portable while traveling. The inner layer of the headband is made of rubber, so that the headphones will not slide if the user is running on a treadmill, for example. The ear-cups are more comfortable than those found in the Beats Mixr.

Sound Quality

The bass produced by the Studio 2.0 is punchy but not muddy as that produced in Mixr. The vocals are clear enough. I listened to some electronic and hip-hop tracks and they sounded amazing. If you’re an audiophile, you might find that the upper mid frequencies sound a bit harsh.


The retail price of the Beats Studio 2.0 is £269.95 while Beats Studio 2.0 wireless costs £329.95. As every Beats product, these headphones have high price tags. These headphones should actually cost in the £100.00 – £150.00 range, considering the advanced digital signal processing (DSP) techniques involved, even though the materials used for manufacture is cheap.


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Sennheiser Urbanite : A Competitor for Beats

If you’re searching for a set of headphones that are ideal for hip-hop and dance tracks, there is a new player in town : Sennheiser joins the trend with Urbanite. I tried these today at Curry’s and thought of sharing my views.

Figure : Sennheiser Urbanite headphones
Figure : Sennheiser Urbanite headphones [1]

The headband in Urbanite is made of comfortable but durable material, unlike Beats headphones, which have plastic headbands in most of their models. This pair of headphones can be considered as on-ear (Supra-aural) and a felt a bit painful after wearing it for a few minutes. The ear-cups can be folded, so it is quite portable.

Sound Quality

I tried listening to some hip-hop tracks and I was quite impressed with the bass these headphones can produce. The vocals were not muddy. Urbanite sounds better than Beats Solo2 but not as good as Beats Studio.


Urbanite costs around £150.00, which is a bit expensive but not as expensive as Beats headphones.

I would definitely recommend this pair of headphones if you like urban genres of music such as hip-hop and progressive house.


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Beats Mixr : “I’m all about that bass”

Christmas is almost here and you might be wondering what to shop for, so today I thought of sharing my views on the Beats Mixr headphones. This review might come handy if you are an audiophile.

FIgure : Beats Mixr [1]
Figure : Beats Mixr [1]


Beats Mixr is a pair of on-ear headphones. By looking closely on one ear cup, you will notice that it is circular and hence does not fit inside your ear. I got a pain in my ear after wearing these headphones for about a minute. I have no idea how David Guetta manages to wear these during gigs for hours ! Good news is that the Mixr headset is not heavy.

Sound Quality

You read the title right. The bass produced in this headset is too punchy. I listened to a few songs (mainly of dance, electronic and hip-hop genres) with the equaliser in my music player set to Normal. The vocals and high frequencies were not clear enough. I would recommend not to change the equaliser settings as the vocals become muddy.


For this level of sound quality and design, I think the Beats Mixr headset is overpriced. These should cost no more than 50 quid.

In conclusion, the Beats Mixr should need a remake, both in design and sound quality (sorry Doc). Hopefully, Apple will come up something new in the coming years.


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Beats Pro : The name says it all

Last Friday was Black Friday, which means Christmas shopping kick-started officially. I went to Apple Store to check out some headphones and the Beats Pro was eye-candy. I tested it on a few songs and thought of sharing my view on this headset before you buy it or thought of giving it to a loved one as a Christmas present.

Figure : Beats Pro [1]
Figure : Beats Pro [1]
You must have noticed the title stating “The name says it all” and I really meant it. Beats Pro are catered for people “who take sound seriously” [2], in other words “for professionals”. If you’re just a school kid who has no idea of what sound really is, these are not for you, bro. Let me get to the serious stuff now.


Even though these are circumaural (over-ear) headphones, the ear cups are circular, making it difficult for the entire ears to fit into them. Noise cancelling has been achieved by using these ear cups without the necessity for batteries. The structure is quite rigid and metallic, so no cheap plastic is involved, which means that the headset is a bit heavy but seems to last for a longer time than Beats Solo2. The headband is well-padded.

Sound quality

Beats Pro have a good balance in all frequencies : The bass is not very punchy but still powerful which makes vocals less muddled, so you can enjoy music with various genres. Good job, Doc !


This pair of headphones costs around £350.00. Now that’s quite expensive, don’t you think? However, I have seen people wearing these on the bus, so I thought that they must be rich blokes. Oh well…

Bottom line is that if you’re a die-hard Beats fan, who needs to listen to music in great detail and who has a lot of money (or willing to sacrifice your bread and butter), these headphones won’t disappoint you.

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2 in 1 Headphones : Boomphones Phantom

Last week, I was doing some window shopping and came across an awesome set of headphones named “Boomphones Phantom” [1]. It seems that Beats Audio has a new competitor. 

Boomphones Phantom

Figure : Boombox Phantom

By pressing on the button with an image of a bomb on the ear cup, the headphones can be turned in to a boombox, which means that there are two internal drivers and two external drivers. The glow of the LED lights is white when the headphones are internally amplified and the colour changes to white when in Boombox Mode.

The headset is powered by an in-built lithium battery, which has enough juice to operate for 10 hours when using as a headset (internal) and 5 hours in Boombox Mode (external) and is rechargeable using the mini-USB provided. 

When I tried these out, I noticed that the internal ones sounded amazing but in the Boombox Mode, the sound quality was not that great, probably because the driver size is small or the power produced is insufficient to pump out the low frequencies (in other words, the bass).

Check these headphones out when you can. Like I said earlier, they are amazing if you’re planning to purchase a new set of headphones and use them as headphones and not using as a boombox.



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Two Pills Prescribed by the Doctor. The Choice is Yours.

Summer is here and it is time to enjoy the sun. There is a slight problem. Your speakers are wired. How can you enjoy some decent music without wearing earphones or a headset? Fortunately, there are portable speakers, two of which have been introduced by Beats Electronics, namely Pill and Pill XL. Both of these have the capability to play music via bluetooth and NFC (Near-Field Communication) technologies. This blog post will help you to decide which speaker best suits your needs.

Beats Pills

Figure : Beats Pill XL (Black) and Beats Pill 2.0 (Blue) [1]


Beats Pill 2.0 (successor of Pill) is equipped with a 7 hour rechargeable battery while Pill XL is equipped with a rechargeable battery which lasts for 15 hours. If your evening BBQ extends to a party at night, your music will never stop.

Sound Quality

Here is the most important thing. A speaker is useless if it does not produce the sound to your heart’s content. I had the opportunity to compare the sound quality of Pill 2.0 and Pill XL. The quality of sound produced from 2.0 was very poor. The reason for this can be that the drivers of 2.0 are very small and hence the power produced is very limited. The Pill XL, on the other hand, does a pretty awesome job. It consists of “forward-firing 3-inch woofers and 1.25-inch tweeters and also a roughly 3 x 3-inch passive radiator in back for bass reinforcement” [2]. I think what the designers had in mind was portability and they did not concentrate enough on the key factor, which is sound quality.


The retail price of Pill 2.0 is £169.95 and that of Pill XL is £269.95 (i.e. $199.95 and $299.95, respectively). In my opinion, paying £169.95 for a speaker that does not produce enough sound is absolutely pointless. Also, Pill XL should be sold at a reasonable price such as £80.00.

Do not take my word for it, give them a try. Comments on your opinion are welcome.


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Beats Solo2 : Review

So, Apple acquired Beats Electronics for $3 billion? (I never saw this coming). A day after the announcement of the acquisition was made, Beats released a new version of Solo, named Solo2. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to try these headphones out and thought of sharing my experience with my readers.

Beats Solo2

Figure : Beats Solo2 headset [1]


Beats Solo2 comprises of improved clarity, when compared to its predecessor, Solo HD. The vocals do not sound muffled. The reason for this might be because the bass has been reduced (which I did not like, to be honest).


The structure (design) of this headset is a little similar to the new Beats Studio (as shown in the figure given above) and hence the headset is more comfortable than the predecessor. The ear cans are smaller than the ones in Beats Studio though.


Beats Solo2 has a high price tag. I think these worth a maximum of £60.00, nothing more, considering both sound and build quality. I mean, it’s alright to spend around £170 on a pair of headphones if you are a celebrity as the new ad shows. Just try to spot an ordinary guy or girl in this ad, who is not a celebrity.

The ControlTalk is still not compatible with Android devices. Hopefully, Beats Electronics (or Apple) will make their headsets compatible with Android devices in the future.

In my opinion, if you’re a fan of hip-hop and electronic dance music, where bass has a great involvement, I would not recommend these headphones.

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Producing Music

I have been using Apple loops found in Logic Pro X software for my tracks (except for the first one). After sharing eight tracks on Soundcloud and being satisfied with eight likes, two comments and 82 plays (which I never expected), I thought, “Enough with loops. Why not create my own melodies and beats?”

Then, I had to think of a suitable melody and a beat for my next track, which was not easy because it should be made unique and grooving, so I placed some notes on the piano roll of Logic Pro X software and did a playback. The starting and the middle sections were great but the end was not that good. After fiddling around with the notes, I finally managed to get a fine melody. For the beat, I listened to some sequences in the “Boom” plug-in found in Pro Tools to get an idea and drew the notes on the piano roll again.

My next step was to figure out how to get the “whoosh” sound found in electronic tracks, which can be created from white noise. After watching some tutorials, I was able to do this using the “ES P” and “Autofilter” plug-ins. A screenshot showing the two plug-ins can be found below:

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 21.06.14

Currently, I am investigating on filter sweeping and time compressing, so that I could get the “weew” sound found in electronic tracks (for example, in Vicetone’s remix of “We Come Running” by Youngblood Hawke).

Here are the tracks that I created after the three tracks found in my previous post. Hope you would enjoy them. One of them is R&B.