“This is not war, it’s extinction”

A few months ago, I watched the new installment of the Transformers franchise, namely “Transformers : Age of Extinction” and I thought of giving a review for the other fans who are planning to purchase the Blu-ray or DVD of the movie.

Transformers : Age of Extinction movie poster
Figure : Transformers : Age of Extinction movie poster [1]
The Story

The movie begins with a history that we have not witnessed before but there is a small link to the previous trilogy, which connects the past (the age of the dinosaurs) to the present situation of the planet Earth as the movie goes along. Even though the movie is serious, there are some hilarious scenes in between, making the viewers eager to know what is going to happen next while having a good time.

The Characters

New characters, both humans and Transformers have been introduced in the movie while the legendary Autobots, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee remain as who they were in the trilogy, but they get a makeover in the middle of the movie. The other Autobots who have joined them are namely, “Hound”, “Drift” and “Crosshairs”. The Decepticons are designed by a company called KSI and two main ones are “Galvatron” (reincarnated Megatron) and “Stinger”. There is also an impartial transformer called “Lockdown” as well. When humans are considered, I liked all the characters except for the girl (Tessa) because she only knows to cry and call for help, unlike in the trilogy where the lead female roles were courageous. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the Dinobots. They are awesome !

In conclusion, I would give this movie a 9/10. Hope you will enjoy it.

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5, 4, 3, 2, 1….BANG BANG !!

Last Saturday, a wish I had since 2012 just came true. The wait was finally over. It was time for action and a blast. Here’s a review of the Hindi movie Bang Bang !.

Figure : Movie poster [1]
Figure : Movie poster [1]
The Story The beginning of the film was a bit confusing, where the viewers can start to think “Where on earth is the main character?” A couple of minutes later, the main character, Rajveer (Jai) Nanda, starts to appear. From that moment, I had a feeling that the movie is going to be amazing. It was very similar to the Hollywood blockbuster Knight and Day except for a few differences to the plot, which involves the robbery of a diamond stored in the Tower of London and a Formula One car ! The movie also features a stunt performed using a flyboard, which is pretty cool. This is the first time that such a stunt was done in the history of both Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

The Characters The lead characters, namely Jai Nanda and Harleen Sahani (Originally Roy Miller and June Havens in the Hollywood movie) are played by the famous Bollywood celebrities Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif, respectively. The pair had electrifying chemistry and I could not ask for more. They have done a brilliant job…hats off.

The Songs I loved the songs. The MJ dancing moves can be seen in the groovy Title track and this song is in my Most Played list.

In conclusion, I would give Bang Bang ! a solid 10/10 and is definitely a “must-watch” movie. It is better than the original Hollywood movie too. The link of the trailer is given below:


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