Beats Mixr : “I’m all about that bass”

Christmas is almost here and you might be wondering what to shop for, so today I thought of sharing my views on the Beats Mixr headphones. This review might come handy if you are an audiophile.

FIgure : Beats Mixr [1]
Figure : Beats Mixr [1]


Beats Mixr is a pair of on-ear headphones. By looking closely on one ear cup, you will notice that it is circular and hence does not fit inside your ear. I got a pain in my ear after wearing these headphones for about a minute. I have no idea how David Guetta manages to wear these during gigs for hours ! Good news is that the Mixr headset is not heavy.

Sound Quality

You read the title right. The bass produced in this headset is too punchy. I listened to a few songs (mainly of dance, electronic and hip-hop genres) with the equaliser in my music player set to Normal. The vocals and high frequencies were not clear enough. I would recommend not to change the equaliser settings as the vocals become muddy.


For this level of sound quality and design, I think the Beats Mixr headset is overpriced. These should cost no more than 50 quid.

In conclusion, the Beats Mixr should need a remake, both in design and sound quality (sorry Doc). Hopefully, Apple will come up something new in the coming years.


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Beats Pro : The name says it all

Last Friday was Black Friday, which means Christmas shopping kick-started officially. I went to Apple Store to check out some headphones and the Beats Pro was eye-candy. I tested it on a few songs and thought of sharing my view on this headset before you buy it or thought of giving it to a loved one as a Christmas present.

Figure : Beats Pro [1]
Figure : Beats Pro [1]
You must have noticed the title stating “The name says it all” and I really meant it. Beats Pro are catered for people “who take sound seriously” [2], in other words “for professionals”. If you’re just a school kid who has no idea of what sound really is, these are not for you, bro. Let me get to the serious stuff now.


Even though these are circumaural (over-ear) headphones, the ear cups are circular, making it difficult for the entire ears to fit into them. Noise cancelling has been achieved by using these ear cups without the necessity for batteries. The structure is quite rigid and metallic, so no cheap plastic is involved, which means that the headset is a bit heavy but seems to last for a longer time than Beats Solo2. The headband is well-padded.

Sound quality

Beats Pro have a good balance in all frequencies : The bass is not very punchy but still powerful which makes vocals less muddled, so you can enjoy music with various genres. Good job, Doc !


This pair of headphones costs around £350.00. Now that’s quite expensive, don’t you think? However, I have seen people wearing these on the bus, so I thought that they must be rich blokes. Oh well…

Bottom line is that if you’re a die-hard Beats fan, who needs to listen to music in great detail and who has a lot of money (or willing to sacrifice your bread and butter), these headphones won’t disappoint you.

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