2 in 1 Headphones : Boomphones Phantom

Last week, I was doing some window shopping and came across an awesome set of headphones named “Boomphones Phantom” [1]. It seems that Beats Audio has a new competitor. 

Boomphones Phantom

Figure : Boombox Phantom

By pressing on the button with an image of a bomb on the ear cup, the headphones can be turned in to a boombox, which means that there are two internal drivers and two external drivers. The glow of the LED lights is white when the headphones are internally amplified and the colour changes to white when in Boombox Mode.

The headset is powered by an in-built lithium battery, which has enough juice to operate for 10 hours when using as a headset (internal) and 5 hours in Boombox Mode (external) and is rechargeable using the mini-USB provided. 

When I tried these out, I noticed that the internal ones sounded amazing but in the Boombox Mode, the sound quality was not that great, probably because the driver size is small or the power produced is insufficient to pump out the low frequencies (in other words, the bass).

Check these headphones out when you can. Like I said earlier, they are amazing if you’re planning to purchase a new set of headphones and use them as headphones and not using as a boombox.



[1] Phantom | Boomphones. 2014. Phantom | Boomphones. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.boomphones.com/product/phantom. [Accessed 22 July 2014].

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